Picks from Sept Heather Bundle

Picks from Sept Heather Bundle

Hi AAPA'ers, & oh my! Wasn't the Heather Bundle in September our most wonderful ever?! So much really good stuff! And was any Bundle ever so much fun to make & to read! 

Just like planning a surprise party, so excited, coordinating with everybody far & wide, & hoping nobody spills the beans! And....we did it!!! 

Fun too because we needed everybody's help! In my case, needing Ivan's help to draw Heather, & needing Danny's help to get the word out! 

And look at this lovely Bundle we made! First of course, everybody everywhere are so smiling from the envelope! "This printshop has gone 1 days without a typo"! Heather! With this extra cute envelope, you set the perfect tone for the whole entire, receiving-the-Bundle experience! 

Laurie of Hen Prints Press & the Bundler crew! Fern & I smiled, noticing you chose pumpkin colored paper to hold your wonderfully philosophical thoughts about volunteer pumpkins, & Heather's volunteering her caring as Mailer. 

Dave Tribby at The Tribby Tribune, Fern & I so enjoyed reading in Number 130 about how Heather came to become Mailer. And yup, "Heather has done the entire job well & with style"! Dave I just love reading colophons & enjoyed yours.

G.E. McKelvey's Ink Zone #189 so expresses our thoughts too, appreciating all that you've shared with all of us, Heather, about your charming family, & garden, & love of the press!

Ivan's Amateur Observer Number 19 shares that experience I wish I could have had, joining the Bundle crew each month, & also catches us all up on Ivan's thoughts about Life in 2021. And Edwin worked overtime producing the special Heather Edition of the AAJ!

Finally, we enjoyed Kent Clair Chamberlain's Monthly Moments. Kent, your poetry is exquisite in it's simplicity, taking us all to the very essence of the day-to-day-ness of real life! Please keep writing.

As always, dear AAPA'ers, thanks to ALL who expressed their interesting & unique selves in the Sept. 2021 Bundle, & thanks to all who've given their precious gift of audience.... & a very loud, world-wide applause for Mailer Heather!

 AAPA, we done good! 

-- Marey & Fern

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