April Bundle Has Variety, Energy

April Bundle Has Variety, Energy

Happy Spring, AAPA'ers!

Fern & I are sending out warm, sunshiny energy to ya all! Well the theme for Spring sure seems to be: Quotations! And such a variety of good stuff! 

First, Fern & I send out a hug to John Carvalho, who created a truly heartwarming piece in loving memory of Peg Blake Carvalho. Dear John, your circle of AAPA friends are right here for you always.

Greg McKelvey's Ink Zone #195 felt wonderful! Greg, you took us all along on your lifelong photo journey, & you wrote so descriptively, I can so just smell that good darkroom scent of Kodak Dektol, & see your snapshots through the red, photo safe light in my memory! Your picture of an enlarger says it all. Your writing, so poetic & philosophical, tells us about real life. You have shared so much about beautiful places of nature, & so much good advice for our own explorings...

Next up, a very warm Welcome Back to long time AAPA'er Mike O'Connor! Fern & I are really enjoying reading your SpareTime Number 47! Mike, I too was on staff at a small town weekly paper! We're lookin' so forward to your next Bundle piece!

Well a very big thank you to Clarence Wolfshohl who, in his Anonymous Quarterly #46, included a perfect encouragement to us to take walks! Clarence, "Stroll, Walk, Pace, Amble" takes us all along on a cozy walking adventure!

Fred Moe, much happiness in the new house! You're already sharing the experiences of your new neighborhood! It feels like we were right there with you when you met neighbor Cheryl! Looking forward to hearing more as your explore Northumberland!

Kent Clair Chamberlain has brought us yet another wise & picturesque poem, one to really take to heart:

"When you sense your life
Is going adrift, Row!"

Thank you Kent! 

And finally, we find a truly charming, woodsy reminder about the upcoming theme bundle for June: your favorite road trip or favorite vacation! 

As always, Fern & I send out a most heartwarming thank you to ALL our April Bundle contributors for genuinely wonderful pieces, & thank you to all of AAPA for your very precious gift of audience.

AAPA'ers, we're sure doin' good!



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