Journal and Writing Choices for May

The AAJ is initiating a new online feature.  Each month when the Bundles come out, the Editor will select two “Choices of the Month”—one journal and one piece of writing.  The journal may be letterpress or digitally produced (or even mimeographed), and the writing may be prose or poetry.  Whatever catches the Editor’s fancy that month. 

In a few months, the Bundle Reviewer will join in the fun and announce his own choices.  Until then, here are the Editor’s Choices for the May 2017 Bundle:

Journal of the MonthThe Mareyland Register by Marey H. Barthoff.  I haven’t figured out whether Ms. Barthoff has her tongue in her cheek or not.  This is the fifth issue of the Register and she seems to be constructing a fine fantasy of a small town paper or paper about a fantasy small town.  I mean, the husband of the fire chief is Old McDonald.  Thanks, Marey.

May 2017 issue of The Mareyland Register

Writing of the Month:  The poems in Crocus Tunes by Kent Clair Chamberlain.  I may be a bit biased in selecting this collection by Mr. Chamberlain since I printed the piece, but Kent consistently produces subtle haiku and haiku-like poems.  These seven poems help us usher in spring and its symbolism of rejuvenation.  A sample of Kent Clair Chamberlain's verse:

Slumber Song

Mellow moon, crocus

               Tune, Spring




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