Bil's Picks from the October Bundle

Bil's Picks from the October Bundle

The large October bundle was full of Halloween treats, and we didn’t even have to go trick or treating to get them! Trying to pick out just a few of them to highlight is like me having to choose between a Snickers bar and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The contributions were thought-provoking and entertaining. Some were those plus beautiful to simply look at. 

As to be expected with such divisive issues as the pandemic and the elections, there were contributions which took one “side” or the other. I did not feel it would be appropriate for me to pick a contribution supporting either side. However, members should be able to share their thoughts in a reasoned, non-confrontational way, which is what these contributors mostly did. The AAPA is a diverse community. It is important that we try to understand other people’s positions. 

The first treat that caught my eye was the spooky postcard contributed by new member, Justin Moore. The line of black cats with their red hats carrying their pumpkins and being watched by ghoulish beings was certainly appropriate for Halloween. We look forward to your future contributions, Justin. 

Clarence Wolfshohl’s story about Bartleby the Yeti was fun. I also loved his description of interacting with his reptilian neighbor, a Five-lined skink. Clarence included a wonderfully written and printed poem, Sinewy Soul

Alyssa and Steven Pammer’s very attractive, hand-set card and verse captured the spirit of fall. I plan to put it in my desk calendar as a reminder during August’s hot days that delightful fall is coming soon. 

June Bassemir’s Over the Fence described her efforts to bring a little joy during these turbulent times. Her offer to send anyone one of her cedar hearts is sincerely appreciated. 

The Amateur Observer is always a good read. “The Ink in my blood” essay by Dean Rea was very interesting, especially to a newbie (digital) printer like myself. Ivan Snyder’s “A bit of fit” was an entertaining description of his relationship with his Fitbit. 

The Ink Cahoots 2020 is an absolute treasure. The short essays and sayings combined with great typography and graphics, often printed on wonderful paper, make this edition a real keepsake. 

As always, we truly appreciate all of the contributions to the bundle. We are a diverse group with a wide range of talents and interests. Your willingness to share your talents and interests with all the members is what makes AAPA so special. Thank you.

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