September Bundle Is On Its Way To You

September Bundle Is On Its Way

I was supposed to get something to Clarence by the last 20th, about why I like being in the AAPA, and why I like being the mailer, and, like everything that is even slightly optional these days, I didn't get it done. Which brings me to: why I like being the mailer. Aside from my love of envelopes, stamps, mailboxes, and letters moving across great distances, I like being the mailer because it is a way to contribute that I can't back out of. I have projects I've been trying to get done, or started, for years. In this time of two small children and one huge garden, and a husband who works on a boat a good part of the year, and then the animals, I just have ideas floating in my head that I think I might get to next month, or the one after that, but the only things that really get done are the things right in front of me that can't wait (right now that's cucumbers and beans). So, the bundle made it out of here one more time, against incredible odds. The smoke here is so thick from fires, and I am so sensitive to smoke, that I was too sick to do the mailing before Ivan left on his trip. My very kind husband circled the table with me last night, sighing only occasionally, and then we found one more item under one of the piles on the table and had to insert it in the already full bundles, and then looking for stamps I found yet another item and put that one in. I can't believe it. And then the post office was out of stamps? I had to go to another one, and they had only wedding stamps.

But, once again, a bundle is on its way to you, dear members, which brings me to: why I like being in the AAPA. I like getting to know people in this interesting way through what they write. Harry T. Spence and I would never meet, yet after this many years (8 maybe? 9? Ivan probably knows exactly) I know so much about him. Hello Harry T. Spence! And thank you for sharing your life with us! It's so great to know people who live other places, are different ages, have different opinions, especially while living in Portland through two presidential elections (Bush and Trump) where I didn't see one bumper sticker or sign for the person who won, and was completely taken by surprise both times. I told my sister in law (in my home state of Idaho) that I didn't really think anyone watched football anymore, because I hadn't heard anyone talk about it in years. She laughed so hard. So other perspectives can be good.

Enjoy the bundle! I enjoy putting it together each month.

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