Peter Awed by Dave Tribby's Shop

Peter Visits Dave Tribby

Last month, I was visiting my daughter and husband in San Francisco. On the 23rd, I took the train south to Sunnyvale.  There, Dave Tribby met me and treated me to some superb BBQ.  He then gave me a tour (yes, the word is apt) of his wonderful print shop and AJ archive.  Now, I have about 40 square feet in the unheated garage for my shop.  Dave has hundreds of square feet inside!  He showed me the nice, clean Golding jobber and his Vandercook.  I was in awe.


  Dave has hundreds of fonts of type that he has collected.  Some are housed in gorgeous oak cabinets.  Here’s a photo:


See the racks angled above the cabinets – those are shiny spaces and quads aligned by point size and width.  Perfectly.  I now feel guilty when I distribute forms if I jumble the quads in the case…

Dave also has a meticulous cross-referenced filing system for his collection of AJ journals and ephemera.  He is a serious and dedicated amateur journalist, printer and collector.  And a heckuva good fellow.  Thank you, Dave for a most enjoyable – albeit humbling – visit! - Peter


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