February Bundle Has Been Mailed

February Bundle Has Been Mailed

On Monday morning, Laurie Kitzke (who will henceforth be known as "last-minute Laurie"), Ivan Snyder, and I went round and round the table, assembling the bundles for your enjoyment. I mailed them yesterday (Tuesday) with a pretty fantastic new stamp on them. It's a good strong bundle, although I have to say there are a few past regulars that I have been missing. I mean, the chickens HAVE to know: WHERE IS THE KACKLER???? Isn't there something Michael Coughlin needs to tell us about anymore? Is something in Rich Hopkins' shop broken?

Just kidding. We're happy for the writers, the printers, AND the readers. This month's envelopes finished off my rollers, pieces of them flying everywhere, (if you got a piece in your bundle, send it in and I'll send you a nickel), and I still need your advice about where to get new ones from. I print on an 8x12 C&P. 

Okay, I'm off to another school function. These are not the kind of things you think about when you have little babies; who knew I would spend so many evenings at meetings and school events. My 15 year old nephew is playing as an able-bodied "helper" on a Special Olympics basketball team, and I vote the game I went to last week as the best sporting event I have ever attended, no contest. If you are ever in a bad mood, go check out a Special Olympics sport. The players are total athletes, competitive, celebratory, with very different abilities. Just great. 

Thanks everyone. See you in the bundle. Heather

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