November Bundle Went Out Yesterday

November Bundle Went Out Yesterday!

Hello AAPA friends, 

I mailed my last bundle yesterday. It all went smoothly thanks to Ivan, Laurie, and guest bundler my Mom! I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the four of us. I don't know what I would have done without all the help Ivan and Laurie have given me over these last many years of being the mailer, so I want to send them this very official and public thanks. They have also made this job so much fun, and I hope we can find another way to see each other now.

I also want to thank the entire board, this one and the last one, for their support, friendship, and monthly phone calls. It has been such a good way to get to know fellow AAPA-ers. It's interesting to know people only by their voices and by what they put in the bundle. Tommy, Fish, John, Dave, Danny, Edwin, Peter, Ivan, Clarence, thanks for everything, and to Marey Barthoff for doing all the bundle picks for the last year or so. And enormous thanks to Katherine Watt for being willing to take on this job. It's such a relief to take a big task off the list. 

I will miss getting to see everything in duplicate, but I will be happy to have a surprise in my mailbox again. I hope you enjoy this bundle that so many people have worked to send your way. My biggest thanks goes out to the folks who get their words out there in the bundle for all of us to enjoy. 



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