January's Treasure Chest

January's Treasure Chest

A warm & happy winter, AAPA'ers, from me & Fern! As Ivan says, the oxcart finally made it down here to Long Beach with the Bundle! Well let's look!

The January. Bundle is one of discovery! An intriguing treasure chest, bringing layers & layers of treasures for us to find...

First, dear Clarence Wolfshohl, we send out a hug. We have had several cats too & they are so missed... we so understand how your dear family must be feeling on the loss of Tumblebottom Wolfshohl.

And it's time to send a grateful shout out for all these extra cute Bundle envelopes! Mailer Emeritus Heather produced them all last year, & this month we have the very first done by Mailer Katherine! Katherine, how didja know that this particular stamp collector would be so smiling at your choice of an Ursula LeGuin stamp & a Charlie Brown!!!

Next, we find Richard Rutledge's charming, old-timey cards! Looking at them, you can just hear the clackedy clackedy of old-timey presses at work! Fern already has put ours up in the art room!
And yet another treasure discovered, John Carvalho has again created a wonderful piece, a haiku, with his magnificent homemade paper! 

Danny & Marsha Kelly made us all a Happy New Year card, with an extra note.... "Handsetting type in the garage during December, gives new meaning to the term 'cold type' "!

Also in the dept. of Happy New Year, Fern & I offer our little Marey New Year card, asking..."What 3 things would you love to experience in 2023?" We hope they'll bring some wishes fulfilled by next December!

Especially in the dept. of charming, this month, we find: Another edition of George Harnish's Random Cubes, so exquisitely put together & so filled up with interesting stuff!!!
And Sean Wilmot's Philamot Magazine for January 2023, which reminds Fern of Ben Franklin & includes a Burma Shave poem too! 

And oh look!, AAPA, here's a new edition of the AAJ! As always, an outstanding job by Editor Edwin Feliu & all the interesting stuff inside from the January contributors!!!

And finally, Fern & I humbly offer 2 new stories, "Once Upon a Time" & "The Ducks". Hope they were enjoyed!

As always dear AAPA'ers, much gratitude to ALL who contributed to January, & to all of AAPA for this precious gift of audience. See ya all next month! Be well & be happy!

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