Happy Summer, Fellow AAPAers

Happy Summer, Fellow AAPAers

And wow, our June Bundle is all about letterpress! 

And the passing of time... 

First up, Heather Lane made us an extra-cute postcard, about enjoying the return of this season, & Heather, your creative use of type to draw a flower sure brings a smile! I'm gonna send mine to a friend who loves growing flowers! Thank you!

Next up, Laurie Kitzke at Hen Prints, brought a giant smile too, to all lovers of everything letterpress! Fern & I can sure feel your joy coming out the size of 96 point Caslon!  Laurie, Fern & I dearly loved your wonderful conclusion, & reading it, we can hear your exquisite writing ability.... "I'm just the temporary custodian of the type and hope that after I have enjoyed printing with it, I can pass it down to someone else, beginning their own letterpress quest." Laurie, that was Beautiful!!

Ron Hylton's bundle piece about an old pioneer newspaper took all of us who love printing down an historical road in journalism. And Ron, you brought this former small-town newspaper staffer a smile, with your heading: "... comes to an end --30--". I used that old-timey signal of the end of an article in my very first Bundle piece, & haven't noticed anybody using it since. And Ron, your piece is so charmingly detailed, I can just hear the clackedy clackedy of those old presses running, as I read along.

Mary C. Riley brought us such a comforting perspective about time passing! "Mary's Philosophy of Time" teaches to look at what we have Gained! Thank you, fellow Mary! Just exactly what I needed to hear! You've brought a comfort to my heart...

G.E. McKelvey's The Ink Zone #186 is all about the joys of letterpress too! Your photo so makes me want to rush to take out my own humble printing stuff & make something!

And finally, Dave Tribby's The Tribby Tribune, all creatively laid out in newspaper style, so makes me smile! Dave, a perfect layout to announce this year's Ink Cahoots info, for all who are gonna Cahoot! And Dave, your wonderful column about typefaces has me actually imagining the scent of ink! Also, pretty cool story about your last-minute change using Scribus!!! Thanks for taking us all along on your journey!

As always, Fern & I profoundly thank ALL the June contributers, for an as-always exquisite experience in journalism & letterpress. And as always, we thank too all who have given us the precious gift of audience. So very well done, AAPA! 

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