Springy Energy in March Bundle

Springy Energy in March Bundle

Happy Spring, AAPA! How are ya?

I read that it's the sound vibrations of birdsong that awakens dormant plants! Well we all sure must be listening... look at the vibrant, springy energy in our March Bundle!

Everybody's got it!

Clinton Davis made us a cute wisdom card to post & inspire us! "You're not creative until you start creating". Clinton, I've told decades of art students to start first, don't wait till an artwork is fully completed in your head before daring to pick up a pencil...!

Michael Coughlin's Emerson quote similarly fills us all with inspiration!

Mark McComas' Amish Proverb has us all nodding in agreement! And then, Dan Celani, you brought us all to a smiley place on our "exploring the Bundle trail"!

Spring is bringing us really interesting reads too! Clarence Wolfshohl brought wonderful Springtime news about eagles, & Ron Hylton, you brought us a peek into the lives of real people from a century ago, whom we would never have met without you!

Chris McGuinness! Your story in Underling for March, "The Skeletons," took Fern & me along on a charming, & familiar path! We have "Mr. Bones" entertaining linen closet goers here, between Halloween's.... And Chris! You have a gift for short stories! Looking so forward to more Bundle pieces! 

The quieter, winter time just finishing seems to inspire AAPA toward some beautifully crafted pieces.... Rich Hopkins has made an expertly done book, to hold his story. March has brought us some enjoyable, interesting colophons. And Rich, reading your, "Considerations Before Starting Production" was Wonderful! You took us all along on your Bundle journey! I've taught decades of new artists to include an "Artist Statement" with their gallery shows, & your "Considerations" tops all I've seen! 

 And finally, Editor Edwin Feliu has put together another truly wonder-full edition of the AAJ! The March 2022 edition is filled with variety! (And a story from The Mareyland Register too!)

As always, thank you to ALL who've contributed to the March 2022 Bundle, & sending gratitude too, to all of AAPA for giving us the precious gift of audience. This is an especially wonderful Bundle! AAPA'ers, we done gooood! Fern & I are sending out a batch of warm, pink, Springtime energy to all!


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