December Feels Like a Hug

December Feels Like a Hug

Most heartwarming greetings, dear AAPA'ers!

Our Dec. Bundle is so overflowing with heartwarming stuff, it feels like a hug. So much good work, imaginitive pieces, real letterpress treasures. Our very most wonderful bundle everever!  

Sean Wilmut's Philomot Magazine for 12/21 is exquisite, & jam-packed with a wonderful variety of good stuff! Sean, I am so charmed by your aligning the graphics on different colored, layered pages so perfectly! I tried, for the Mareyland Register & didn't achieve this. Thank you too for sharing your special recipes! Cannot wait to try Olde Mrs. Wilmut's Mustard Sauce! Genuinely an Amazing edition!

Kent Clair Chamberlain's & John Carvalho's collaboration produced a beyond-charming, origami packet of poetry, printed of course on beautiful, handmade paper! An amazing, really different, & creative result! 

Clarence Wolfshohl just warms our hearts in writing "My Mama's Christmas Cookies". Clarence, as always, you write so deeply, your readers can see pecans all over the kitchen table & smell wonderful cookies warming in the oven!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....
Richard G. Rutledge was busy too! While the cookies were baking, & the homemade paper was forming, Richard made us all cute bookmarks with an extra-cute drawing of a printer crankin' out his newspapers, & a calendar for the new year, both including totally charming colophons, & a cheery postcard too! Richard, we can so just imagine watching your bundle pieces coming out from these historic presses! 

Meanwhile, Dave Tribby's The Tribby Tribune #131 totally caught us all up on the many & varied year's doings over at the Tribby household. Dave & Liz took us right along with, through 2021, in Sunnyvale, CA!

Well who among us isn't left grinning like Alice's Cheshire cat, devouring every wonderful word of Ron Hylton's lifelong Linotype journey!! Ron, reading along, we can just hear that wonderful clackedy-clackedy, & we can all so see that symphony of thousands of moving parts working in unison!

Well next up, Fern just reminded me to point out that she hadda sit still for our Xmas bundle portrait until a certain artist finally got the illustration just right....

And so, as always, dear AAPA'ers, thank you to ALL who participated in the Dec. 2021 Bundle, & to all of AAPA for the precious gift of audience. How very heartwarming, that the Bundle has us feeling like we're all just down the block from each other...

     Marey Christmas, one & all


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