Marey's May Picks

Marey's May Picks of the Month

Hi AAPA'ers! Marey (& Fern) here. Since we can't get out The Register due to this dumb virus thing, it so has me smiling to be able to contribute here some May Bundle Picks!

1st, a giant hug to Mailer Heather! Finding heart-warming Bundles in our mailboxes, now, sure does bring us all a very needed feeling of joy & normalcy! (That loud clatter echoing in your skies, everybody, was me hollering The Bundle's Here!!!) Thank you so much, dear Heather!
The May Bundle is filled with wonderful stuff...
Kent Clair Chamberlain's "Random Observations", printed by El Grito del Lobo Press, brings a smile. I love seeing a collaboration!!! And these charming bits of poetry bring such a clear experience of a Spring twilight in Ashland to all our 5 senses, it's as if all of AAPA are gathered for this minute upon the earth.
Laurie Kitzke's "Hen Prints" is already framed & hanging by my kitchen window which looks out at the backyard. For inspiration. Fern & I haven't been in this house long enough to feel Home yet, & Laurie's sharing her Spring seed rituals so reminds me of my 2 shoe-boxes of seed packets, & my plantings at the old house.  Laurie's cheerily illustrated "Hen Prints" for May is just filled with Happy!
Clarence Wolfshohl's "This One Flightless" does what the best poetry does best-- brings us all back to our own times spent with magical hummingbirds. (In my case, sitting with my cats watching them.) And in descriptions so charming you want to read them over & over: "It is hardly a weight, perhaps the weight of an atom outside gravity, perhaps the weight of the moment before dawn." Beautiful beyond beautiful. 
Finally, our good buddy Ivan Snyder, in his "Amateur Observer", fills my heart with such a depth of the history of AJ.  Fern & I are still newcomers, & feel a deep well of richness learning the doings of AJ'ers who found their way here long before us.
Thank you everyone, those participating & those providing the gift of audience, for making it Spring!

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