An Amateur Attempt

An Amateur Attempt

Hi Folks,

The May Bundle was mailed on Tuesday, and is headed your way. It is a very pretty bundle, with the magic number of 11 items. Do you know that more often than not, there are 11 items in the bundle? I count them as I go around the table every month, and it is such a common occurance to have 11 items that if we fall below that number I feel dissappointed. I went around the table about 50 times before I wondered if there could be a different way (a faster way) of doing things. I then struck upon the "dealing cards" style of collating. It worked way better for me as a solo bundler. I'm hoping that Ivan can join me again next month. We had to break our quarantine this month because my 13 year old nephew wrecked on his bike really bad and got a concussion and had to be taken to the hospital. I had my sister's other children while she went to the hospital, so we had some hospital germs floating around us that need some time to clear up. My nephew is okay, it is just almost impossible for that kid to sit still. He is working on a complicated model airplane that I wish I could show to Harry Spence!

There is a COMP (complimentary, Card Of The Month) postcard included in the bundle for you to send to someone you appreciate. The keen-eyed among you may notice a small typo. I can assure you, with absolute confidence, that this was entirely intentional on the part of your official board. We, ahem, don't want to be intimidatingly scholarly, you know, and scare off any potential members who might feel that we were too intellectual an organization for them to join. In short, we were trying to put the "e" in amateur, and we had to get it from somewhere. 

I want to extend my deepest condolences to Peter Schaub and his daughters on the death of Connie Schaub. She and Peter were here last fall, and we had a lovely time together. We went out to a very nice dinner and then had a picnic the next day in my back yard. It was the first time I had met Connie but she was so open and easy to talk to, and she was so very full of life that it's hard to believe that she's gone. We shared a love of food, and I will think of her fondly every time I eat little padron peppers. 

Thank you, as always, to those of you who were able to get something into the bundle. I know for me it is even more special than usual to get this package of assorted thoughts and pictures right now, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. Reach out and thank some of the contributors. It feels so good to know someone appreciated your work. 

Your grateful mailer, Heather Lane

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