March Picks of the Month

March 2020 Picks of the Month

March Picks of the Month

by Laura Glazer 

I’m honored that Heather invited me to share my picks with you all. It’s my first time doing it and it’s thrilling! 

Of course, opening the mailing each month is exciting and I slowly pour over each enclosure over and over again throughout the month. 

So far, I keep coming back to “Clean Sheets” by Suzanne Anderson. The simple drawing of Ennelin providing clean “sheets” to a wooden framed bed immediately drew my into the text. (I’m a sucker for images of women working and I love that it helped me learn some printing history.) The double meaning of the quote at the bottom adds to the overall delight: Oh! The wonderful smell of clean sheets!


As soon as i saw the “Official AAPA Compliment Notice” postcard designed by Fish Davidson and printed by Dave Tribby at Handset Press, I thought “what a brilliant idea!” Then I got a bit nervous because how would I possibly choose just one item to use it on? 

When I saw that TWO were included I felt a great relief! I especially enjoy the texture of the papers and the typography of the words “Post Card” on the mailing side…very classic.


The photograph reproduced by Delores Miller is very arresting and had me reading the description on the back right away. What a treat to read a tale involving Ottillie, a name I’ve never heard and find very intriguing. I truly got lost in the creases of her sateen dress and matching gloves.

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