September Bundle

September Bundle Mailed Today

Happy Fall, AAPA Friends!

It poured rain today in Portland, and suddenly it was fall. Ivan and I stuffed the bundles yesterday in record time, which is one way of mentioning that it is a rather small bundle that is on its way to you this month. In fact, if you took out everything that Clarence Wolfshohl was responsible for, it would have hardly been there at all! Thanks Clarence, for the meat and cheese in the middle of our paper sandwich. And thanks to everyone who sends things in. I'm like probably a lot of you - loaded with good intentions about getting something in, but short on time. Sometimes when I'm putting on the address labels, I wonder about all the people who read the bundles, and what they think of them, and why people stay members of the AAPA. From John Carvahlo's membership directory, I see I've now been a member for 10 years! And most of them were as a perfectly happy reader with no other participation, so I pass no judgement, but it would be nice to hear from some of you, to get to know you.

In November, we're going to do another themed bundle; this one concerns gratitude. Right now, I'm grateful for Delores Miller's relatives who left her with all those photographs, even if Delores herself is not. Don't throw them away, Delores. There are places that will take them. Or you can send them to me and I'll stuff them into the bundles for people to add to their own family photographs, further confusing things for the folks who inherit them.

I'm also thankful to everyone who wrote in for the Best Summer Ever bundle. It was so great to read. I didn't get a news item in last month because of computer problems on all fronts, so I've put my picture for last month on this post.  Goodbye summer, and here's to the best fall ever.
Your faithful mailer, Heather Lane

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