A toasty-warm Nov. Bundle!

Fern & I are just brimming over with good feeling! Our whole Bundle for Nov. is so filled all up with real humanity & real artwork! We hafta begin right away with deep gratitude to all our Bundlers, & to Mailer Heather.

Amidst this unbelievably trying year, we've been more & more about expressing-- so genuinely-- what it's like to be here, on this planet, in this era. We've been overwhelmed by Bundle pieces done with such great care & truly beautiful artistry!

Dear Heather, we're so smiling about "Tend to Your Own Knitting", Fern & I hung up your extra cute card in the art room. And John, as always, your wonderful handmade paper carries the reader right along you into your writings. As both art student & art teacher, I deeply heard your feelings, in A Martlett's Tales, Nov., "Broad Brushes".

Lawrence Peterson & Gene Gates at Nine 18-Thousandths Press so stirred the hearts of all of AAPA's lovers of beautiful letterforms. "The Rugged Old Norsemen", wonderfully hand set in ATF Sterling Cursive, takes us all along, on a deep, heartful walk with John Muir. Lawrence & Gene, an exquisite artwork crafted with exquisite care! Thanks to you both too for the gift of a new, inspiring bookmark for our winter reading!

Richard G. Rutledge at Woodshead Press, you surely knew how much all us AAPA'ers would so love finding your sepia-tone postcard, bearing a calligraphic drawing of a kindred soul busy running his press! Thank you Dave Schwartz, " Perpetrator" of Ohkee-Doekee #97, for "The Atheist and The Bear"! Dave, we all so needed a mighty good laugh right about now!! 

As always, Kent Clair Chamberlain brought us great writing. "Tops": "Best nations find where each belongs!" Kent, as I ponder this thought, it brings such a good feeling.

Gratitude to Clarence Wolfshohl, Holy Toledo #20, for taking us all along on a much needed walk in the woods, in "Autumn in Toledo and Environs". Clarence, you have a DQ Blizzard owed to you! Ron Hylton, "A Little Mind Boggling"-- do we all ever hear your passion for type! You surely are among a whole bunch of mighty kindred spirits!

June Bassemir's Over the Fence reminded us that we've all pondered from time to time, the names chosen for us by our parents. June, you gave us an opportunity to stand still & connect with ourselves amidst this too-challenging time. Delores Miller, as usual, brought us such a blessed picture of real life. I am richer, now carrying inside a new knowing-- that out there in a Wisconsin corn field is the energy of very real lives lived at Pioneer School.

And finally, so much thanksgiving to Editor Edwin Feliu & all contributing to our AAJ!

Dear AAPA'ers, it's always a day of celebration when the Bundle comes!

Fern & I celebrate ALL who've created wonderful works, so genuinely expressing humanity, & all lending their precious gift of audience. A most heartwarming Thanksgiving time to all.

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