June Bundle: What a Trip

June Bundle: What a Trip

Hi Everybody!

Fern & I LOVE these theme bundles, & this one sure did not disappoint!

Mail's mighty slow out here in the Long Beach Boonies, but our vacation themed edition was so worth the wait! 

First up, Dave Tribby, we loved reading about the founding of Ink Cahoots, in The Tribby Tribune, No. 132! Us newer members feel more a part of things, reading it's history! Dave shares that this year will be the 50th Cahoot! That is beyond wonderful! Everybody who can, please take part! 

Chris McGuinness took us along on a wonderful summer camping trip, back to 2001, in Underling June 2022! Chris, you write so descriptively, we can envision the cabin, & experience how it was, a kid & a grandpa & J. R. R. Tolkien., on your "adventure among the trees"!
Thank you!

Some more wonderful AAPA history is right here, thanks to Ivan Snyder's story of the Bay Area Printers Fair, earlier this year! Ivan's Amateur Observer No. 21 takes us along to San Jose, CA, & then to the BAPF of 2015 as well! A literary treat most surely, for those of us who couldn't be there. Ivan, the photos you included so made your trips even more experiential for us! And, Fern & I shouted a big YESSS, reading your hope of our having another AAPA convention.

Clarence Wolfshohl's Anonymous Quarterly for June 2022 is an enjoyable read, taking us along, "away from home, seeing sights and breathing different cultures". Thank you, Clarence, too for making a truly charming new bookmark for our summer reading!

The combined artwork of poetry by Fred Moe & beautiful handmade paper & printing by John Carvalho in "Weather Clock (4)" is a wonder-full vacation for the reader's senses!

Ron Hylton  took us first to Iowa, & then to a place so special he thought it best to keep the location a mystery, & both sound mighty relaxing!

George Harnish, in Random Cubes, Issue #1, is so entertaining & creative, Fern & I read it twice! All about the Rocky Mountains & a mighty good same of chess!

Jim, we're so feeling being away on summer travels thanks to your "Highway Hawk Count"!  And finally, Fern would like to express a big smile, reminiscing with me about our kidhood trip to San Diego & the resulting experience of making it into a photo album!!

Dear fellow AAPA'ers, as always, thank you to ALL who participated in the June 2022 Bundle, & thank you too, to all so kindly granting us the cherished gift of audience. Lookin' forward to July! See ya all next month, & till then, happy trails...

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