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Letterpress printing may no longer be a growth industry, but there are numerous people world-wide who pursue it as either a hobby or a business. This page lists some of the places where individuals interested in letterpress printing can find information, services, and products.

Although we try to maintain the latest information, contact information may have changed. Please send corrections or new entries to the webmaster via the AAPA Contact page.

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AAPA Letterpress How-To

AAPA members are a great source for learning about letterpress printing. Those who practice the black art are happy to share their experiences. Here are some articles written by AAPA printers. If you become a member, you can join the fun!

Color It!
Want to spice up your printing with some color? Master printer Sheldon Wesson describes it all.

On Microbibliogenesis
J. Hill Hamon provides step-by-step instructions on how to print your own miniature books on a table-top press.

Selecting Body Type
Sheldon Wesson offers detailed advice on purchasing type.

Split Fountain Madness
John Carvalho shows how to print multiple colors in a single pass on your press.

Internet Information

Letterpress Discussion List
To join this e-mail list, send a message to with the content of the message the single line
      subscribe letpress first_name last_name
or visit the Join or Leave the LETPRESS List Web page

Once you have established a mailing list account and logged-in to it from your browser, you can visit the Archives Page, where you can read or search the archives, available back to January 1995.

Interested in how to make a good impression on a mailing list? Check out Mailing List Manners 101.

Discussion Groups
There are a number of online discussion groups related to letterpress printing. Here are a couple that are hosted on

  • SF Letterpress: A network of hobby and commercial letterpress printers who are located on or around the United States West Coast (although there are participants from other areas).

  • Letterpress Down Under: Sharing the enjoyment, skill and techniques of traditional letterpress printing as a vocation or hobby in New Zealand and Australia, with input from enthusiasts worldwide.

Social Media
Check out letterpress (or #letterpress) on

Web logs
There are many letterpress-related blogs active on the Internet, including:
  • The Bieler Press: Proprietor Gerald Lange shares information related to Digital Letterpress.
  • Blogxcar: Boxcar Press's blog for letterpress and photopolymer news.
  • Starshaped Press: Jennifer Farrell describes recent projects.
  • Vanderblog: Vandercook press information.

The Briar Press
This site is devoted to promoting the art of letterpress, and to preserving some of the familiar and not so familiar graphics and images of letterpresses and the printed image.

Letterpress Commons
Letterpress Commons is built by the community, for the community and fosters the exchange of accessible, authoritative, and inspirational letterpress information for letterpress printers by providing a free venue for online articles and multimedia.

The Alembic Press
I just love these typecase layout diagrams!

The Atlas of Early Printing
The University of Iowa's interactive map of Europe that shows the spread of printing from Mainz, as well as early paper mills, trade routes, and universities.
Information about everything related to woodblocks.

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black
"A mockumentary about the rise, fall, and redemption of one of the world's most famous typefaces."

Book Information Website
Many links of interest to letterpress printers

Best Practices in Using Type
Sky Shipley of Skyline Type has written a series of illustrated essays on how to treat type.

Boxcar Press
Boxcar Press provides loads of free information on their site, including The Boxcar Institute Training Series: instructional videos covering topics like makeready, adjusting roller height, and base lock-up and cleaning.

British Letterpress
"We have hands-on guides to most aspects of letterpress printing; information about printing presses and letterpress type; in-depth articles about some of the more obscure areas of printing; and the hub of the letterpress community in the UK, covering tuition, printers and museums."

“Celebrating Linotype, 125 Years Since Its Debut”
From The Atlantic: “Around for a century, Linotype machines were made obsolete in the 1970s by changing technologies--but they have not been forgotten.”

Chandler and Price Letterpress Literature
Justin Miller of Bound Staff Press has scanned a number of documents related to C&P presses.

Chris Chen's Photographs
Chris Chen has taken a lot of digital photos related to letterpress printing. Among my favorites: Foundry Pressroom; String Lessons (how to tie up a form with string); and Moving Presses.

Cincinnati Book Arts Society
A nonprofit organization comprised of a group of professionals and amateurs from all quarters of the book, paper, and printing arts for the purpose of creating a spirit of community among hand workers in the book arts and those who love books.

“Death of a Pressman”
A remembrance of Tom Trumble, letterpress pressman, and a meditation on preservation and nostalgia.

Downloadable Documents
Dave Seat provides dozens of letterpress-related documents in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Excel formats. Lots of information about Linotype, Intertype, and Ludlow machines.

“Farewell etaoin shrdlu”
A film documenting the last day of hot metal typesetting at The New York Times. This film shows the entire newspaper production process from hot-metal typesetting to creating stereo moulds to high-speed press operation.

Galley Gab
During 2007, Mike O'Connor produced 12 issues of of this full-color PDF magazine packed with letterpress news and information. Hosted by Metal Type.

Google Book Search
Google is scanning all the books they can get their hands on and indexing the results. You can search their database, and read the books that are in the public domain. Here are a few titles related to letterpress printing...

Gutenberg Digital
The Gutenberg Bible is on the Web.

Gutenberg Homepage
Descriptions of the time of Gutenberg, the Gutenberg Bible, and Gutenberg's Invention.

How to Make a Pressman's Hat
A diagram on how to turn a newspaper into a printer's hat, provided byDennis Havlena.

Huzzah for Curves
Starshaped Press reveals the tricks and techniques of setting type on curves, including pictures of Daredevil Furniture from Springtide Press.

The Jobbing Platen: History and Development
A history of the development of the platen jobber printing press put together by Bill Elligett.

Ladies of Letterpress
“Dedicated to the proposition that a woman's place is in the print shop.”

“Late Edition”
From the June 1997 Atlantic Monthly: John Fleischman tribute to the Miehle press used to print the Yellow Springs, Ohio, News.

Letterpress Howto
Brian Donnell, a journeyman pressman, put together this letterpress primer.

Letterpress Printers of the World
“Short autobiographies of today's letterpress printers”; created by Lance Williams.

Letterpress Printing in the 1960s
“A compilation of information 'deciphered' from my old note bookswhilst an apprentice letterpress machinist at The Melbourne School ofPrinting & Graphic Arts” -- Bill Elligett.

Liberty Platen Press
Everything you'd want to know about this early platen press,manufactured from 1860 until the early 1900s.

Linotype Maintenance and Operation
This site is devoted to the preservation and dissemination ofknowledge about the maintenance and operation of Linotype machines.

Linotype Registry
Keelan Lightfoot created this registry "to act as a central to record what machines remain, and what machines have suffered less fortunate fates."

Metal Type
Dave Hughes ran Linotypes for the Yorkshire Evening Press between 1976 and 1980 and the South London Press between 1980 and 1990. He's put this Web site together for printers and typesetters who remember the old days of "hot metal" to come and reminisce. (The old version is still available.)

Monotype Information
All sorts of information about Monotype typecasters; put together by David Bolton.

The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation
A Cleveland, Ohio non-profit art center dedicated to the production and preservation of hand papermaking and the art of the book.

Paper Weight Conversion Chart
Comprehensive tables comparing the variety of weights of papers. Provided by Micro Format, Inc.

Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection
A detailed overview of the wood type Kelly collected while researching vernacular printing in America. The site also provides a broad contextual overview of the American wood type manufacturing industry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Silver Buckle Press Collection
This part of the University of Wisconsin Digitized Collections contains dozens of letterpress-related books.

Type & Press Articles
Articles taken from 100 issues of Type & Press, published by Fred Williams until shortly before his death in 2001.

TypeArt Library
Although created by a digital foundry (Digiteyes Multimedia),this site contains a lot of information that letterpress printers willfind interesting, includingTypologia by Frederick W. Goudy.

Typefounding, Lettering, & Printing
The links on this page lead you to a significant amount of letterpress-related information.

Typographia by Thomas F. Adams
A full scan of an 1854 instruction book about printing and typography.

Vandercook Proof Presses
All kinds of information about Vandercook Proof Presses: model descriptions, manuals, articles, etc. Information originally put together by Mark Wilden. Site now managed by Paul Moxon.

Web Museum of Calendars and Wood Types
Established to educate people on the beauties of calendars and woodtype.

Wood Engravers' Network
Information on the history and characteristics of the historic printing medium of wood engraving.

Type Foundries

Bell Type and Rule Company
60 NW Sherry Street, Winston, OR 97496
Phone: 213-485-1609
Founded by Charles and Evelyn Bell in 1932. A tradition of casting foundry type, monotype composition, spacing materials, rules and borders, and Ludlow typesetting for the letterpress arts.

Michael & Winifred Bixler
Box 820, Skaneateles, NY 13152
Phone: 315-685-5181; Fax 315-685-1220
Fourteen faces (Baskerville, Bell, Bembo, Centaur/Arrighi, Dante, Ehrhardt, Fournier, Garamond, Gill Sans, Joanna, Perpetua, Univers, Van Dijck, Walbaum) with italic and some variants, in 8 to 72 point.

Effra Press & Typefoundry
Casts and sells type from 5pt to 72pt. Based in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Foil Stamp Solutions
Offering three varieties of type: Foundry (Monotype), Hard Foundry (zinc), and Brass. Located in Lutz, Florida.

Gerstenberg Druckerei (formerly Stempel)
"Our hot metal fonts of Stempel and Haas are cast by Rainer Gerstenberg. The type foundry is located in the former 'Haus für Industriekultur' in Darmstadt (Germany)."

Golgonooza Letter Foundry
P. O. Box 111, Ashuelot, NH 03441; E-mail (Dan Carr):; Phone: 603-239-6830.

The Hell-Box Letter Foundry
Part of Letterpress Works.
1 Nelson Terrace, Faversham, Kent ME13 8LB United Kingdom
Phone: 01795 590928.

M & H Type (also known as Mackenzie & Harris)
1802 Hays Street, San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: 415-561-2546; Fax: 415-561-2545
Hundreds of fonts and borders plus composition and photopolymer. Catalogue available for $40 plus sales tax for California residents and a shipping charge of $2.50.

Moore Wood Type
Pantograph Cut End Grain Maple Type. E-mail:

NA Graphics (Fritz Klinke)
P. O. Box 467, 1314 Greene St., Silverton, CO 81433
E-mail: nagraph@FRONTIER.NET
Phone: 970-387-0212; Fax: 970-387-0127
Offering newly-cast revivals of selected ATF faces.

Offizin Haag-Drugulin
In business for over 180 years.
Offizin Haag-Drugulin, Graphische Betrieb GmbH, Grossenhainer Straße 11a, 01097 Dresden, Germany. E-mail:
Phone: 03 51/8 08 52-23.

Offizin Parnassia - Vättis (Hans-Ulrich Frey and Stephan Burkhardt)
In late 2004, they purchased Harold Berliner's typecasting equipment. Location: Unterdorf 2 / Postfach, 7315 Vattis, Switzerland; E-mail:; Phone: (0041) (0)81 306 14 70.

The Printing Museum: The Foundry
The Printing Museum in Wellington, New Zeland, has a foundry that features Monotype casters and matrices.e-mail:;Secretary-Treasurer: Dan Tait-Jamieson, Phone +64 (0)274 444-599.

Patrick Reagh Printers Store
"Our metal type fonts and Patmag bases are listed here and sold through eBay." 96 Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707-829-6805

Skyline Type Foundry (Sky Shipley)
Opened in 2004, Skyline has grown to offer a wide range of type and decorative borders. E-mail:; Address: PO Box 12816, Prescott, AZ 86304

Stichting Lettergieten
Jacobus van Waertstraat 53, 1551 CH Westzaan, The Netherlands
Phone: 00/31/75/628.57.53 (Monday and Thursday morning).

Swamp Press (Ed Rayher)
15 Warwick Road, Northfield, MA 01360
Phone: 413-498-4343
Hundreds of faces, thousands of ornaments, 4 to 72 point; fonts, sorts, and composition casting; photopolymer; e-mail, call or write for price list or quote. 131 page type specimen book is available online, or a printed copy can be ordered for $10 (refunded with an order of $100 or more).

Virgin Wood Type Mfg. Co.
171 Valley Road, Rochester, NY 14618
"Hand made wood type for letterpress printers." Five faces available (as of early 2011).


Visit the Foil Stamping & Embossing Association to find all kinds of related information.

Augustine Company
Magnesium engravings mounted type high on wood base. 1210 Industrial Blvd., Marshalltown, IA 50158; E-mail: Phone: 641-753-3875; Fax: 641-753-0635.

Bauer Engraving Co., Inc.
11290 Sunrise Gold Cir., Suite G, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742; E-mail:; Phone: 916-631-9800; Fax: 916-631-9811.

Brown & Hartman Engraving Co.
552 S. Quincy Ave., Tulsa, OK 74120; E-mail:; Phone: 918-582-1165 or 800-572-1398; Fax: 918-582-1166.

Cal Art & Engraving Inc.
Magnesium photoengravings, including 16 gauge woodmount (.918 inches) for letterpress. 340 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA 94070; E-mail:; Phone: 650-591-4443; Fax: 650-637-0543

Central Michigan Engravers, Inc.
Magnesium line cuts and halftone cuts mounted on cherry wood. Larger ones mounted on plywood unless specified. P. O. Box 15600, Lansing, MI 48901 (or 412 W. Gier St., Lansing, MI 48906); Phone: 517-485-5865

DeCrevel Stamping and Embossing Dies
Brass, Copper, or Magnesium dies. 1836 Soscol Ave., Napa, CA 94559; E-mail:; Phone: 707-258-8065; Fax: 707-258-0324

Hodgins Engraving
Magnesium and Copper etching. 3817 West Main St (P. O. Box 728), Batavia, NY 14020; E-mail:; Phone: 800-666-8950; Fax: 585-343-0412

Kayenay Graphics
Location: 840-T 12th St., N.W., P. O. Box 240, Mason City, IA 50401; Phone: 641-424-2535 or 800-779-2535

KPE Graphics
Specializing in mail order gold blocking dies, foil printing dies and letterpress blocks, artwork, and general reprographics. Unit 1, A6 Business Centre, Telford Way, Kettering, Northants, NN16 8UN England; E-mail:

Metal Magic
Copper engravings. 4840 S. 33rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85040; E-mail:; Phone: 602-304-0404 or 800-851-4120; Fax: 602-304-9202

Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc. Photoengravers
"America's largest manufacturer of quality brass, copper & magnesium dies." 151 N. Delaney Road, Owosso, MI 48867; E-mail:; Phone: 800-444-5552; Fax: 989-723-5399

Pella Engraving Company
808 East First Street, P. O. Box 127, Pella, Iowa 50219; E-mail:; Phone: 515-628-2791; Fax: 515-628-8451

Peterson Engraving, Inc.
1242 S. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles CA 90023; E-mail:; Phone: 323-264-1888; Fax: 323-264-9078.

Phillips Engraving Co.
Magnesium engravings. 2103 E. McDaniel St., Springfield, MO 65802; Phone: 417-869-4811 or toll-free 888-369-6906; Fax: 417-869-5504.

Same day Magnesium engravings. 16g and 11pt mounted on cherry for letterpress as well as 1/4 inch for hotstamping. 230 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA 18915; E-mail:; Phone: 215-997-1990; Fax: 215-822-8875.

Valley Etching, Engraving, and Design, Inc.
120-B Whiting Farms Road, Holyoke, MA 01040; Phone: 413-536-2256; Toll free: 1-888-323-3283; Fax: 413-538-5881.

"Specialists in the manufacturing of magnesium and brass foiling and embossing dies." Located in London, United Kingdom.

Winston-Salem Engraving Co.
446 Brookstown Ave., Winston-Salem, NC 27101; Phone: 336-725-4268 or 336-724-1711

Printing Press Rollers

When buying rubber or synthetic rollers, consult with the manufacturer about what type are best for letterpress printing. You will usually want rollers that are somewhat softer (14-15 durometers) than those used for fast running offset presses.

A-Korn Roller, Inc.
3545 South Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60609; E-mail:; Phone: 773-254-5700 or 800-999-2346; Fax: 773-650-7355. (Also: 8495 Roslyn St., Commerce City, CO 80022)

Advanced Roller Co.
212 Lewis Court, Corona, CA 91720; E-mail:; Phone: 909-272-3010; Fax: 909-272-4113

Columbia Rubber Mills
Location: 14800 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas, OR 97015; Phone: 503-557-9919 x 110 or 800-547-5557 x 110; Fax: 503-557-9923.

Finzer Roller
Headquarters in Des Plaines, Illinois. Manufacturing facilities in eight states.

Ramco Roller Products
Location: 241 West Allen Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773; E-mail:; Phone: 909-592-1002.

Rubber Roller and Rubber Roll Manufacturers
This Web site provides information on the subject of rubber roller and rubber roll manufacturers and other related topics.

Todds Press Time
Todd Boatin: "We custom make a full line of letterpress rollers for many manufacturers of vintage letterpress."

Visit Zycon, "the search engine for manufacturers," to view their listing of roller manufacturers.

Thomas Register also has a list of Printing Rollers Suppliers.

Printing Equipment, Services, & Supplies

A & D Graphics, Inc.
Hot Metal Typesetting services for printers, foilstampers, etc., on Linotype and Ludlow machines. Established 1965; John Pylarinos, President. 150-30 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11432; E-mail:; Phone 718-523-9373; Fax: 718-523-9415.

American Printing Equipment & Supply Co.
Letterpress, printing, and bookbinding supplies & equipment. 153 Meacham St., Elmont, NY 10013; Phone: 516-437-9105; Fax: 516-437-9107.

Antique Machinery Removal
Antique Machinery Removal was established for the transportation of vintage printing machinery. Located in the United Kingdom.

Art Boards Printmaking Supplies
Art Boards Printmaking blocks are made letter press type high (.918" thick). Blocks are made in End Grain hard maple for engraving, and in Plank Grain soft maple for wood cuts. 612 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217; E-mail:; Phone: 718-237-2592 or 800-546-7985; Fax: 718-237-0142.

Bay Island Press
Photopolymer Plates, Magnetic Bases, and other services. 1222 Lincoln Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501; E-mail:; Phone: 510-523-7292; Fax: 510-523-3031

Bay Press Services
Providing Graphic Art Supplies and Electronic Pre-Press equipment since 1981. 2375 Lincoln Ave., Hayward, California, 94545. Phone: 510-783-3701; Fax: 510-783-3705

"The Diecutter's Source" includes equipment such as makeready supplies and tools and quoins.

Beyond Letterpress
Letterpress restoration, repair, moving, and installation. 2, Spring Cottages, The Vatch, Slad, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 7JY United Kingdom; E-mail: (Rod Shaw); Phone: 01453 766716

Boxcar Press
Supplier of photopolymer plates and supplies. 501 W. Fayette St. Studio 222, Syracuse, NY 13204; E-mail:; Phone: 315-473-0930; Fax: 315-473-0930

Brother Trade Est.
Dealer for printing materials such as ink, wash-up, and Heidelberg spare parts. P. O. Box 3549, Zarka 13111 JORDAN; E-mail: (Hesham S. Sawwan); Phone: 962 5 3612338; Fax: 962 5 3860938
"Purveyors of the Boutique de Junque--a small collection of letterpress items that has become a hobbyist's dream gone wild in Indianapolis, Indiana--we are earnest supporters of the letterpress trade for both beginners and professionals." Andrew Churchman; 470 N. Warman Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana 46222; E-mail:; Phone: (317) 653-5900

Caslon Limited
Manufacturers and exporters of printing machinery and graphic arts equipment, including Adana printing presses; Caslon House, Lyon Way, Hatfield Road, St. Albans, Herts AL4 0LB, United Kingdom; E-mail:; Phone: +44 (0)1727 852211; Fax: +44 (0)1727 855772

Challenge Machinery
Manufacturer of paper cutters, paper drills, and other paper handling machines. Location: 6125 Norton Center Dr., Norton Shores, MI 49441; E-mail:; Phone: 231-799-8484; Fax: 231-798-1275

Compound Manufacturing
Parts and tools for a wide variety of guillotine paper cutters. 43 Warner Street, Greenfield, MA 01301; Phone: 413-773-8909

Craftsmen Machinery Company
Craftsmen still has some parts available for their table-top presses. Contact Sherwin Marks, P.O. Box 38, Mills MA 03054; Phone 508-376-2003.

Crown Flexo Graphics
Produces photopolymer plates for the flexographic printing industry. 2624 Verne Roberts Cir, Ste 111, Antioch, CA 94509; E-mail:; Phone: 925-206-4030; Fax: 925-215-8458.

Damosel's Printers Blocks
A variety of old printing blocks. Site includes online museum as well as store. PO Box 496, Campbelltown, PA. 17010-0496

Daniel Smith, Inc.
Fine artists' materials, including ink and paper. P. O. Box 84268, Seattle, WA 98124-5568; E-mail:; Phone: 800-426-6740 or 800-426-6740; Fax: 800-426-6740 or 206-224-0404

Dave Seat - Hot Metal Services
Supplier of Hot metal typesetting equipment & supplies. Linotype, Intertype, & Ludlow machines & parts. E-mail:

Demers, Inc. and Demers Parts
Independent source for replacement Heidelberg parts and for aftermarket Heidelberg presses. 23350 Janice Avenue, Port Charlotte, FL 33980; E-mail:; Phone: 800-956-3612 or 941-625-7278; Fax: 941-625-2100.

Don Black Linecasting
Dealer in: Linotype, Intertype, and Ludlow matrices; Bindery equipment; Handset type; and Presses & parts. 120 Midwest Road, Unit # 5, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1P 3B2; E-mail:; Phone: 416-751-5944; Fax: 416-751-5413

Eco Printing Supply
Sells flatbed plunger and rotary numbering machines (6, 7, or 8 wheel; standard or skip; forward or reverse); also sucker feet for printing and paper handling machines. 1740 Haultain St., Victoria, BC V8R 2L2 CANADA; E-mail:

The Evanston Print & Paper Shop
A community art center for bookbinders, letterpress printers, artists and designers. Located in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Graphic Chemical & Ink Co.
All kinds of graphic products, including letterpress inks. 728 North Yale Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181; E-mail:; Phone: 800-465-7382; Fax: 630-832-6064

GT Graphic Service & supply
Supplier for Intertype, Linotype, Ludlow, Vandercook, letterpress supplies. Fonts for Ludlow, Linotype, Monotype. Machinery mover and rigging. Greg Timko, 50C Rocky Point Road, Rocky Point, NY 11778; E-mail:; Phone: 800-237-8009 or 631-821-1905; Fax: 631-821-1908

Harry F Rochat Ltd
Suppliers and manufacturers of various presses, including Albion Presses. Location: 15a Moxon St., High Barnet, Herts EN5 5TS, United Kingdom; E-mail:; Phone: 020 8449 0023; Fax: 020 8449 6132.

Hicks Brothers Printing Equipment, LLC
An equipment dealer in San Jose, California, selling a fair amount of letterpress equipment. 1002 South Second St., San Jose, CA 95112; E-mail:; Phone: 415-575-0933.

Iowa Type Cases
Small (9" by 4") plastic injection mold cases that fit in 9" x 13" galleys. Larry J. Raid, PO Box 170 (222 S. 2nd St.), Denmark, IA 52624; E-mail:; Phone: (home) 319-528-6151 (office) 319-528-4334

JanTech Marking Equipment Co.
13080 Three Oaks Dr., White City, OR 97503
Phone: 541-830-0260 (In USA, 800-488-6588); Fax: 541-830-0261
Manufacturer of portable, electric, semiautomatic letterpress marking machines for identification marking and coding of manufactured component parts. Use letterpress type to imprint on flat or curved surfaces.

Java Letterpress Machinery
Used letterpress equipment; will do rigging, transport, and repair of machines. 215 Bryan St., Athens, GA 30601; E-mail:; Phone: 706-354-0988; Toll Free: 800-298-0988; Fax: 706-354-8877

Jim Reck
In the hot metal business for over thirty years as a repairman for Linotype, Intertype, and Ludlow machines. Willing to offer advice on setup, inks, and other letterpress topics. 14409 Valeda Drive, La Mirada, CA 90638; E-mail:; Phone: 562-944-9184

Letterpress Things
A warehouse collection of printing equipment. Owner: John S. Barrett. 55 North Chicopee Street, Chicopee, MA 01020; E-mail:; Phone: 413-222-9029

McClain's Printmaking Supplies
"Dedicated to the Art and Artists of Relief Printmaking." 15685 SW 116th Avenue PMB 202, King City, OR 97224-2695; E-mail:; Phone: 503-641-3555 or 800-832.4264; Fax: 1-503-641-3591.

Mergenthaler Hot Metal Systems
(Sold to Thomas Fitzgerald in early 2000.) 4450 Commerce Circle, S.W., Atlanta, GA 30336; Phone: 800-321-2630 or 404-691-7670; Fax: 404-691-6086

NA Graphics (Fritz Klinke)
All sorts of printing supplies: books, spacing material, border & rule, ink, press parts, leads & slugs, quoins, rollers, etc. Contact Fritz Klinke, P. O. Box 467, 1314 Greene St., Silverton, CO 81433; E-mail: nagraph@FRONTIER.NET; Phone: 970-387-0212; Fax: 970-387-0127

Polymetaal Graphic Arts Equipment
A manufacturer of printmaking equipment, including presses. Located in the Netherlands.

Pressworks MAXimum Machinery
Parts, Service, & Equipment for the Graphic Arts Industry, including remanufactured Heidelberg Equipment. 12070 South Profit Row, Forney, TX 75126; Phone: 972-564-4229.

Primary Press Repair
Services presses used for printing and die-cutting anywhere in North America (U.S. and Canada). E-mail:; Phone: 516-790-1768; Fax: 516-795-1675

Ralph C. Crawford Company
Printers' machinists and letterpress repair. 1769 East 23rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90058; E-mail:; Phone: 213-749-4497 or toll free 877-749-4479; Fax: 213-747-9409

T and T Press Restoration
"Putting the abandoned table top printing press back into operation." Located in Hugo, Minnesota. E-mail:; Phone: 651-730-0986

Woodside Press
A traditional letterpress printing company located in New York City's historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, Woodside Press provides services for hot-metal typography with their English and American Monotype; Linotype; and Ludlow typecasting. Address: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Building 3 - Suite 1008, Brooklyn, New York 11205; E-mail:; Phone: 718-222-4560; Fax: 718-222-4562

Valley Litho Supply
“Quality printing, screen printing & photography supplies at a discount.” Of particular interest: Van Son inks. Address: 1047 Haugen Avenue, Rice Lake, WI 54868; E-mail:; Phone: 800-826-6781; Fax: 800-962-5924

Classified Ads

The Briar Press -- Letterpress Classifieds
Includes both “Wanted” and “For Sale” categories.

Select a geographic area, select the “sale/wanted” area, search on the word “letterpress”, and see what pops up.

There's usually lots of letterpress equipment included in the “Printing & Graphic Arts” category of this large online auction service.

PrintTrade Classified Ads
Click on the "Letterpress" category.

Metal Type Classified Ads
Categories for sale and wanted include Publications, Equipment, and General.


Publishers of periodicals and books related to letterpress printing.

The Bonefolder
An e-journal for the book binder and book artist.

The Legacy Press
A small publishing firm specializing in books about the printing, paper, and book arts.

Letterpress Printing, a manual for modern fine press printers
Paul Maravelas's sourcebook for beginning and intermediate letterpress printers. Published by Oak Knoll Books in 2005.

Oak Knoll Books & Oak Knoll Press
Publishers of books about books, the history of books, and book arts.

Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography
An independent quarterly on type and typography published by Quixote Digital Typography. One year subscription: $28, Canada/Mexico $32, outside North America $36. Payment in US funds or major credit card. Address: Dept. W-1, 2038 N. Clark St, Ste 377, Chicago, IL 60614; Phone: 312-953-3679, or for 24 hour ordering in the US 800-810-3311; E-mail:; Fax: 312-803-0698

Movies and Videos

Movies and videos related to letterpress printing.

The Boxcar Institute Training Series
Videos explaining topics like makeready, adjusting roller height, and base lock-up and cleaning.

Firefly Press Interview
YouTube video narrated/produced by Chuck Kraemer.

How Ink is Made
A nine minute video from Printing Ink Company of Vaughn, Ontario, Canada, showing how they manufacture printing ink. Peter Welfare, head inkmaker, describes the process.

Pictorial Webster's: Inspiration to Completion
Production of Pictorial Webster's, a book that contains thousands of engravings from nineteenth century Merriam-Webster Dictionaries. The letterpress project took a decade to complete.

Prelinger Archives
The Prelinger Archives contains thousands of short advertising, educational, educational, and amateur films. You can search for letterpress-related topics among the films.
"A collection of vintage films that showcase the technologies and processes of printing, journalism, and typography. It was established by Doug Wilson in 2012."

Printing with Letterpress
"Phil Abel and his colleagues at traditional letterpress printshop Hand and Eye still use techniques that inventor Johannes Gutenberg would recognise." Part of the Guardian series Disappearing acts.

Movies available for download include The Creation of Printing Type, Typomania, Letterpress Printing, and The Linotype.

"The best videos from the fields of typography, calligraphy and lettering"


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