Letterpress: Typefaces Available from U.S. Foundries

This page lists typefaces that were available for sale in 2000 from six typefounders:

The type founding landscape has changed since 2000:

  • In 2004, Harold Berliner sold his typecasting equipment to Offizin Parnassia - Vättis of Switzerland. They continue to sell the Berliner typefaces, as well as many others.

  • Skyline Type opened in 2004. In 2010, they acquired the mats held by Barco Type.

  • Other foundries have expanded their offerings.

Rather than perform a time-consuming comprehensive update of current type offerings, this page will remain a snapshot of what faces were available at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The faces listed here are still available (although in the case of Berliner and Barco, from new owners), but you should check with the foundries for a complete listing of typefaces.

The book American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century by Mac McGrew (published in 1993 by Oak Knoll Books, 310 Delaware St., New Castle, DE 19720) was an enormous help when putting the list together. This book lists the standard and alternate names of typefaces, their sources, and background information. Of particular use was Appendix V: Lanston Monotype Series Numbers, Numerical Index.

Most of the active foundries use matrices created for Monotype machines. The majority of faces cast in the US are from matrices created by the Lanston Monotype Machine Company, although a significant number of "English Monotype" matrices are also available. Sometimes faces from American Type Founders, Ludlow, Linotype, or Intertype have been adapted for casting. In the table below, the following notations appear in brackets following the typeface name when the source is not Lanston Monotype:

  • ATF: American Typefounders Company
  • Balto: Baltimore Type & Composition Company
  • Bauer: Bauer Foundry, Germany
  • EMono: The Monotype Corporation, England
  • Inter: Intertype Corporation
  • Lino: Mergenthaler Linotype Company
  • Ludlow: Ludlow Typograph Company
  • Univ: Universal Type Foundry
The second column lists the Lanston Monotype identification number, when available, or the English Monotype number preceeded by the letter "E". (Most of the English Monotype id numbers were provided by Harold Berliner.)

The remaining columns indicate what each of the six foundries offer. When a foundry uses the standard composition suffix to indicate the class of face, that suffix appears in the column:

  • A Modern Roman
  • B Small Caps
  • C Modern Italic
  • E Old Style Roman
  • F Old Style Small Caps
  • G Old Style Italic
  • J Gothic or Bold Roman
  • K Gothic or Bold Italic
  • L Typewriter
  • M Foreign Faces

If the foundry uses the series number without the suffix, an "x" appears in the column. When a number appears in a foundry's column it means the typeface is listed with a number different from the Monotype number. If the foundry included only the typeface name (no number) in its catalog, the entry is "Yes". Whenever a foundry's listing does not match Mac McGrew's standard name, I included a "+" in its entry and reference the foundry's alternate name in the lists following the main table.

If you find a typface you are interested in purchasing, contact the foundry and ask what sizes are available and the price. Happy hunting!

NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
20th Century Extrabold603J, KxJYes J, K
20th Century Extrabold Cond607J, KxJYes J
20th Century Light606J, KxJYes J, K
20th Century Medium605J, KxJ, KYes J, K
20th Century Medium Cond608J, KxJ, KYes J, K
20th Century Ultrabold609JxJ  J, K
20th Century Ultrabold Cond610J, Kx   J, K
20th Century Ultrabold Extended614Jx   J
Admiral Script [Ludlow]   810   
Adonis [ATF, Inter]  Yes831   
Albertus [EMono]E-481  yes  J
Albertus Titling [EMono]E-324     J
Albertus Bold Titling [EMono]E-538     J
Alternate Gothic No. 151JxJ+x J
Alternate Gothic No. 277J, KxJ  J
Alternate Gothic No. 3177JxJ  J, K
AmharicE-624     M
Anglo   Yes   
Antique, Bold144 x    
Antique, Bold Condensed145 x   A
Antique, Modern26Jx   A
Antique, Modern Condensed76 x   A
Antique 1313     A,B,C
Arabic Naskh [EMono]E-648     M
Arabic Naskh Bold [EMono]      M
Arboret   Yes   
Argent   Yes   
Argentine   Yes   
Arrighi (Centaur Italic) [EMono]E-252;G 2521  G
Bailey Shaded   Yes   
Bamboo   Yes   
Barco Script   475   
Barnum Heavy   Yes   
Baskerville [EMono]E-169 x   A,B,C
Baskerville Bold453Jx    
Baskerville Bold [EMono]E-312     J, K
Baskerville Semi-Bold [EMono]E-313     A, C
Bell402E,F,G   YesE,F,G
Bell [EMono]E-341     E,F,G
Bembo [EMono]E-270E,F,Gyes270, 2701 YesE,F,G
Bembo Bold [EMono]E-428 Yes  YesE, G
Bembo, Narrow Italic [EMono]E-294  194   
Bembo Italic Titling [EMono]E-370     G
Benton Open [Inter/Bauer]  Yes    
Bernhard Condensed [EMono]E-213     A
Bernhard Fashion [ATF, Inter, Univ]  Yes966SE   
Binny Old Style21E,F,Gx   A,B,C
Blado (Poliphilus Italic) [EMono]E-119     G
Bodoni375A,B,C+xE, Cx A,B,C
Bodoni175A,B,Cx+A, C+  A,B,C
Bodoni [EMono]E-135     A,B,C
Bodoni Bold275J, KxE, CYes J, K
Bodoni Bold Condensed775 xJ   
Bodoni Bold Panelled575 x   A
Bodoni Bold Recut975     A,B,C
Bodoni Bold Shaded194 x Yes+ A
Bodoni Book875A,B,Cx   A,B,C
Bodoni Ultra675J, Kx Yes x
Bold Face No. 2328J     
Bookman98J,B,Kx Yes A,B,C
Bookman/Antique Old Style [EMono]E-161 x    
Bookman, New398     Yes
Bracelet      Yes
Bradley   Yes   
BraggadocioE-278     x
Broadway306xx Yes x
Broadway Engraved307 x Yes  
Bruce Mikita   Yes   
Bruce Old Style31E,F,Gx   A,B,C
Brush302JxJ+Yes x
Bulmer Roman462E,F,Gx   A,B,C
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
Caledonia Bold [Inter]  Yes    
Californian300E,F,G+    J
Cameo (Gill Sans) [EMono]   233   
Carnet de Bal      Yes
Carnival      Yes
Caslon Antique   Yes   
Caslon Bold79J, KxJYes J,K
Caslon Condensed113J+x Yes Yes
Caslon Old Face [EMono]E-128 yes   E,F,G
Caslon Old Roman78 x   E
Caslon Old Style437 x Yes  
Caslon Old Style (MacKellar)337E,F,Gx x+ E,F,G
Caslon Old Style, English37E,F,Gx   E,F,G
Caslon, American637 xJ  E
Caslon, Inland137E,F,Gx   E,F,G
Caslon, New537 x   E, G
Caslon Titling [EMono]E-209     E
Castellar [EMono]E-600x    x
Celtic Ornate   Yes   
Centaur [EMono]E-252E,F[,G]xx YesE,F[,G]
Centaur Bible [EMono]E-352     E,F,G
Centaur TitlingE-295Yes     
Century Bold118J, KxJ, K  J,K
Century Bold Condensed418     J
Century Expanded20A,B,CxA  A,B,C
Century Old Style157E,F,GxJ  A,B,C
Century Schoolbook420A,B,CxA, CYes A,B,C
Century Schoolbook Bold620Jx    
Charcoal   Yes   
Cheltenham Bold86J, KxJYes J, K
Cheltenham Bold Condensed88Jx Yes A,B,C
Cheltenham Bold Extended287Jx   A,B,C
Cheltenham Bold Extra Cond141Jx Yes A
Cheltenham Bold Outline12xxJ+  A
Cheltenham Bold Shaded218xx    
Cheltenham Inline286x     
Cheltenham Medium186 x   A,B,C
Cheltenham Old Style64J, Kx   A, C
Cheltenham Old Style Cond264 x   A
Cheltenham Wide164J,B,Kx Yes A, C
Cicero   Yes   
Circus   Yes   
Clarendon Bold Extended665J     
Claytonian   Yes   
Clearface89 x   A, C
Clearface Italic (Light)289 Yes    
Cloister Black95J+xJYes+ x
Cloister Bold295J, Kx   J, K
Cloister Old Style395     A, C
Cochin61E,F,G+x   E,F,G
Cochin [EMono]E-165     E,F,G
Cochin Bold [EMono]616J, Kx   J, K
Cochin Bold Tooled [EMono]253     E
Cochin Open [EMono]262xx Yes E
Cochin, Nicolas461 x    
Colm Cille [EMono]E-121     E, G
Columbine   Yes   
Compressed No. 30108 x    
Comstock202xx   A
Condensed Gothic49Jx   Yes
Contour No. 140J J+   
Contour No. 6123J J+   
Cooper Black282xx Yes A
Cooper Tooled582xx    
Copperplate Gothic Bold345Jx Yes Yes
Copperplate Gothic Bold Italic346 x    
Copperplate Gothic Heavy168Jx   J
Copperplate Gothic Heavy342 x   J
Copperplate Gothic Heavy Cond343 x Yes+ J
Copperplate Gothic Heavy Cond169Jx    
Copperplate Gothic Heavy Ext166Jx Yes+  
Copperplate Gothic Light187Jx Yes J
Copperplate Gothic Light340 x   J
Copperplate Gothic Light Cond197 x    
Copperplate Gothic Light Cond341 x   J
Coptic [EMono]E-609     M
Coptic, LouvainE-609     M
Cordon   Yes   
Corinthian   Yes   
Coronet Bold [Ludlow]   994S   
Coronet Light [Ludlow]   995S   
Cosmopolitan4 x   A,B,C
Craw Clarendon65JxJ   
Craw Clarendon [EMono]E-650     A,B,C
Craw Clarendon Book650J+x    
Crayonette   Yes   
Cushing Old Style25J, Kx   A,B,C
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
Dandy      Yes
Dante [EMono]E-592    YesE,F,G
Dante Titling [EMono]E-612     E
Deepdene315E,F,Gx   E,F,G
Deepdene Bold317 x    
Della Robbia231 x    
Delphian [Ludlow]   803   
Delraye   Yes   
DeVinne11E, Gx   E
DeVinne Condensed111Jx   E
DeVinne Outline42Jx   E
DeVinne Outline Italic41 x   G
Diamond Inlaid   Yes   
Dimension   Yes   
Dorchester Script [EMono]E-436x x  x
Dresden   Yes   
Duchess   844   
Ecclesiastic-Tudoresque   Yes   
Egyptian 107E     
Egyptian Shaded   Yes   
Ehrhardt [EMono]E-453E,F,G   YesE,F,G
Ehrhardt Pitman's i.t.a. [EMono]E-453     E
Ehrhardt Semi-Bold [EMono]E-573J    J, K
Emerson [EMono]E-320     E,F,G
Empire [ATF]   Yes   
English Old Style 2E,F,G     
Engravers Bold323JxJYes  
Engravers Old English Bold188 xJ+   
Engravers Roman223JxJYes J
Engravers Roman347 x   Yes
Engravers Text [ATF, Inter, Univ]   832   
Fabritius [EMono]E-586     E, F
Fargo   Yes   
Farmers Old Style15Ex   E,F,G
Festival [EMono]E-554  x  E
Figaro [EMono]E-536x x+   
Filigree Initials   Yes   
Flash373xxJYes Yes
Flash Bold473xxJ  Yes
Florentine Cursive [Ludlow]   805   
Fontana Bible [EMono]E-437     E,F,G
Forte   416   
Fournier [EMono]E-185    YesE,F,G
Fournier le Jeune305J+  Yes+  
Franklin Gothic107JxJYes J
Franklin Gothic Condensed707JxJ+Yes  
Franklin Gothic Extra Cond507JxJ   
French Cadmus22 x   E,F,G
French Clarendon   Yes   
French Old Style No. 55271 x   E,F,G
French Round Face150 x   E,F,G
Fridericus AntiquaE-314E,F,G     
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
Gaelic [EMono]E-24     M
Gallia313 xJYes Yes
Garamond [EMono]E-156 x  YesE,F,G
Garamond Narrow Italic [EMono]E-174     G
Garamond Bold548J, KxJ, KYes J,K
Garamond, American648E,F,Gx   E,F,G
Garamont248E,F,G+xE+x+ E,F,G
German #3299     M
German Schwabacher101     M
German, Heintzemann100     M
Gill Cameo Ruled [EMono]E-299x+    x
Gill Floriated Initials [EMono]E-431x+ x  x
Gill Sans [EMono]E-262J, Kx  YesJ, K
Gill Sans Bold [EMono]E-275Jx  Yesx
Gill Sans Light [EMono]E-362J, K   YesJ, K
Gill Sans Titling [EMono]E-231     J
Glamour Bold237xx   x
Glamour Condensed  Yes    
Glamour Light235xx    
Glamour Medium236xxx  J, K
GlagoliticE-598     M
Globe Gothic240 x   J
Globe Gothic Condensed239 x    
Globe Gothic Extra Condensed230 x    
Gloucester Old StyleE-99J, K     
Gold Rush   Yes   
Gothic Caps Condensed48J+x    
Gothic, Condensed49     x
Gothic Condensed No. 124110 x    
Gothic Condensed Light50     J
Gothic Condensed Title43 xJ+   
Gothic No. 3249Jx   J
Gothic Open Condensed    Yes  
Gothic, Draftsman124 x    
Gothic, Inclined2541 254   J
Goudy Bible301E     
Goudy Bold294J, KxJ, KYes J, K
Goudy Cursive324xx924  x
Goudy Handtooled383Kx Yes A, C
Goudy Heavy380xx   A
Goudy Heavyface Open391 x    
Goudy Modern293 x   A,B,C
Goudy Modern [EMono]E-249E,F,G    A,B,C
Goudy Old Style394 xJ, G+x Yes
Goudy Old Style [EMono]E-291E,F,G     
Goudy Old Style Light38E,F,G+x   A,B,C
Goudy Open291KxJYes J, K
Goudy Text327Jxx   
Goudy Text [EMono]E-292     K
Goudy Text Shaded427  x   
Goudy Thirty392x     
Goudy Titling [EMono]E-439     A
Goudy Village410     E
Granby Inline (Stephenson & Blake)  Yes    
Granjon400     E,F,G
Greco Bold326xx   E
Greek Porson155 M   M
Greek, Chamfer Condensed121     M
Greek, Inclined Gill [EMono]E-571     x
Greek, Upright Gill [EMono]E-572     x
Greeting Monotone [ATF, Inter, Lino]  Yes829   
Grimaldi   Yes   
Grotesque [EMono]E-215 x    
Grotesque Bold [EMono]E-216 x   J
Grotesque Light [EMono]E-126 x   J, K
Grotesque Medium [EMono]      Yes
Grotesque No. 2 [EMono]E-51 x   J
Groto Medium   215J   
Hadriano309x x   
Hadriano Stone Cut409x x   
Half Title905 x    
Harlequin   Yes   
Harmony      Yes
Hebrew, ancient281     M
Helvetica496J, K+     
Helvetica [EMono]E-765     J,K,E
Helvetica Bold [EMono]E-766     J, E
Helvetica Medium508J+ x   
Hess Bold (Goudy Bold Face)159Jx   J
Hess Old Style242 x    
Hess Title (Hess Boldface)161 x   J, K
Hobo [ATF, Inter]   841   
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
ImprintE-101E,F,G    E,F,G
Imprint BoldE-310J, K    J, K
Inland Gothic No. 6149 x    
Ionic62 x    
Ionic Shaded   Yes   
Ionic, Round (Inland)156 x    
Italian Old Style243E,F,Gx    
Italian Old Style Bold [EMono]E-149     J, K
Janson401xx   E,F,G
Japanette   Yes   
Jefferson Gothic227xxJYes  
Jensen Old Style58 x   J
Jim Crow   Yes   
JoannaE-478    YesE,F,G
John Hancock142Jx    
John Hancock Condensed245     Yes
Kennerley268E,F,GxE, G  E,F,G
Kennerley Bold269J, Kx    
Keystone (Keynote) [ATF, Univ]   857   
Kino [EMono]E-305     Yes
Klang [EMono]E-593     Yes
Lanston (Melior)125 x    
Lanston (Melior) Bold180 x    
Lariat   Yes   
Latin Ornate   Yes   
Latin Condensed94     A
Law Italic23 x   C
Law Italic115 x   C
Lexington   Yes   
Light Lining Gothic106Jx   J
Lightline Title Gothic352J     
Lining Gothic Med No. 544129 x    
Lining Gothic No. 52556 x    
Lining Gothic No. 54566Jx   J
Lining Gothic No. 545349 x    
Lining Gothic No. 7 (Inland)165 x    
Lining Gothic, Mid No. 2176Jx   J
Lining Gothic, Philadelphia52 x   J
Lining Mid Gothic No. 2276 x    
LinoScript (Typo Upright) [Lino]   843   
Litho Roman Light162 x    
Lombardic Capitals310x x+Yes+  
Lombardic Capitals [EMono]E-293     K
Lotus/Bridal Script [Inter]   834   
LutetiaE-255     E,F,G
Lydian Bold [Intertype]  Yes    
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
MacFarland68 x   Yes
Mandarin   Yes   
Manila92 x   A
Marble Heart   Yes   
Massey Initials126x A   
Masterman158 x   A
Mathmeatics      Yes
Matura [EMono]E-528     x
Mayfair Cursive [Ludlow]   811   
Melior125     A, C
Menhart [EMono]E-397     J, K
Minuet [Inter]   835   
Missal [EMono]E-393     E,F,G
Missal Lectern [EMono]E-548     E, F
Modern8A,B,Cx Yes A,B,C
Modern13A, B    A, B
Modern Condensed [EMono]1A,B,Cx   E,F,G
Modern Gothic Cond (Tourist Gothic)140JxJ+  J
Modern Medium Condensed14A, B+x   A,B,C
Modern No. 3 Extra Cond216 x    
Modern No. 434 x    
Modernistic297 x Yes A
Monotype Initials448  x+F286Yes  
Motto   Yes   
Murray Hill Bold [ATF]   713   
Neuland [Balto]      703
Neuland Inline [Balto]      704
News Gothic206J, KxJYes J, K
News Gothic Bold93JxJ  J
News Gothic Bold Condensed205J    J
News Gothic Condensed204JxJ  J
Nova Script [Inter]   840   
Old Carnival   Yes   
Old Style #2 [EMono]      Yes
Onyx404xxJYes x
Orplid [import]   982S   
Outline Med Cond Gothic (Triangle)  Yes900   
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
P. T. Barnum   Yes   
Pabst Old Style45 x    
Pacific   Yes   
Pagoda Bold [EMono]   496   
Parisian [ATF, Inter, Univ]  Yes830   
Park Avenue [ATF, Inter, Univ]  Yes981S/831   
Pastonchi [EMono]E-206     E,F,G
Pegasus [EMono]E-508     E
Pekin-Dormer   Yes   
Pepita   613   
Perpetua [EMono]E-239E,F,Gxx YesE,F,G
Perpetua Bold [EMono]E-461J    J, K
Perpetua Titling [EMono]E-258  x  E
Perpetua Light Titling [EMono]E-480     E
Perpetua Bold Titling [EMono]E-200     J
Phidian   Yes   
Phidian Revised   Yes   
Philadelphia Gothic52     J
Plantin [EMono]E-110E,F,G    E,F,G
Plantin Bold [EMono]E-194J    J
Plantin Bold Condensed [EMono]E-236J     
Plantin Light [EMono]E-113     E,F,G
Plymouth60 x   J, K
Poliphilus [EMono]170E 230  E,F[,]G
Poltawski [EMono]E-394     E
Poltawski Bold [EMono]E-398     J
Post Text5Ax   A, C
Powell97 x    
Process138 x    
Prumyslava [EMono]E-122     x
Quartz   005   
Relievo   Yes   
Rivoli [ATF, Inter, Univ]  Yes828   
Rockwell Antique189 xJ+  J
Rockwell Antique Shaded193xx   x
Romulus [EMono]E-458E,F,G    E,F,G
Romulus Bold [EMono]E-520     E,F,G
Ronaldson16E,F,Gx   A,B,C
Round Shade   Yes   
Royal      Yes
Runic Condensed [EMono]E-420     J
Russian Bold318Jx    
Russian Light308A, Cx    
Rustic   Yes   
Sabon [EMono]E-669     E,F,G
Sabon Semi Bold [EMono]E-673     E,F,G
Salem220     x
Sans Serif Bold330Jx Yes J
Sans Serif Extrabold332Jx Yes J
Sans Serif Extrabold Cond333Jx    
Sans Serif Light329Jx Yes J
Sans Serif Light Condensed357xx    
Sans Serif Lined430 x    
Sans Serif Medium331Jx Yes J
Sans Serif Medium Condensed354xx    
Schoeffer69 x   A,B,C
Scotch Roman36A,B,Cx   A,B,C
Script Light [EMono]E-475     x
Scroll Shaded   Yes   
Shadow (Gill Sans) [EMono]E-406J x+   
Shadow [ATF, Inter]  ATF589    
Skylark   Yes   
Slimline241  x  Yes
Southern Cross   Yes   
Spartan [EMono]E-140 x    
Spectrum [EMono]E-556E,F,G    E,F,G
Spectrum Semi-Bold [EMono]E-756     E
Speidotype (Light) {Typewriter}417J     
Speidotype Bold {Typewriter}517J     
Spire377 xJ  x
Staccato   Yes   
Stationers Gothic Bold85Jx    
Stationers Gothic Light84Jx   J
Stationers Gothic Meduim82J     
Stencil [ATF]  ATF662    
Stylescript425xxJYes x
Stymie Bold790J, Kx Yes J
Stymie Extrabold390J, KxJYes J,K
Stymie Extrabold Condensed490JxJYes J
Stymie Light190JxJYes J
Stymie Medium290JxJYes J,K
Stymie Medium Condensed590 xJ  J
Stymie Open [Balto]   108J   
Suburban French172E,F,Gx   E,F,G
Swing Bold217xxJYes x
NameMono #M&HSwampBarcoQuakerBixlerBerliner
Tallone Max Factor32 x    
Tamil [EMono]E-480     x
Tangier   Yes   
Temple Script [EMono]   455   
Thunderbird   Yes   
Thunderbird Extra Condensed   Yes   
Times Extended Titling [EMono]E-339     E
Times New Roman [EMono]E-327E,F,GxE+  E,F,G
Times New Roman Bold [EMono]E-334J, KxJ  J, K
Times Semi-Bold [EMono]E-421  x  E,F,G
Times New Roman Book [EMono]E-627     E,F,G
Times New Roman Wide [EMono]E-427     E,F,G
Times Hever Titling [EMono]E-355     E
Title28 x   A
Title Shaded Litho246   Yes+  
Travellers [EMono]E-629     E
Trocadero   Yes   
Trylon [Balto]   801J   
Tuscan Graile   Yes   
Tuscan Ornate   Yes   
Tuscan Outline   Yes   
Tuscan Stellar      x
Typewriter Mailing List74LL    
Typewriter Remington70L+L x+ L
Typewriter Remington Ribbon17L+L l+  
Typewriter Remington Underscore370 L    
Typewriter Reproducing72LL   L
Typewriter Reproducing Underscore372LL    
Typewriter Smith Premier170L+     
Typewriter Underwood270 L    
Typo Roman Shaded [ATF, Inter]   833   
Umbra [Ludlow]   970S   
Univers Bold [EMono]E-69365, 66x65 YesJ, K
Univers Bold Condensed [EMono]E-69467, 68x67  J, K
Univers Bold Wide [EMono] 63     
Univers Extra Light Extra Cond [EMono] 39     
Univers Extrabold [EMono]E-69675, 76x75  J, K
Univers Extrabold Wide [EMono] 73 73   
Univers Light [EMono]E-68545, 46x45 YesJ, K
Univers Light Condensed [EMono]E-68647, 48x47   
Univers Light Extra Condensed [EMono] 49     
Univers Medium [EMono]E-68955, 56x55, 56 YesJ, K
Univers Medium Condensed [EMono]E-69057, 58x57   
Univers Medium Expanded [EMono]E-688 x    
Univers Medium Extra Condensed [EMono]E-69159x59   
Univers Medium Wide [EMono] 53 53   
Univers Ultrabold Wide [EMono] 83     
Valiant Bold412Jx   J
Van Dijck [EMono]E-203E,F,G   YesE,F,G
Vanity Fair   Yes   
Vaudeville   Yes   
VeroneseE-59E,F,G    E,F,G
Victoria Italic224 x    
Victoria Condensed Titling [EMono]E-181     x
Walbaum [EMono]E-374E,F,G   YesE,F,G
Walbaum Medium [EMono]E-375     E, G
Washington Text102  x   
Wayzata   Yes   
Wedding Text388xxxYes  
Winchell39 x   E
Winchell Condensed119 x    
Worrell Unical   842   
Zapf Civilite      Yes
Zephyr [Ludlow]   836   

Alternate Names

Sometimes foundries do not use the official name of a typeface when it is listed in their catalog. In the tables below, the official name (as referenced by Mac McGrew) is in the first column, the Monotype series number (when appropriate) in the second, and the alternate name in the third.

Alternate names: M&H

Bodoni 375 Bodoni Semi-Bold
Californian 300 California Old Style
Caslon Condensed 113 Caslon Bold Condensed
Cloister Black 95 Cloister Text
Cochin 61 Cochin Light
Craw Clarendon Book 650 Clarendon Book
Fournier le Jeune 305 Fournier Ornate
Garamont 248 Garamont Light
Gill Cameo Ruled [Emono] E-299 Harlequin
Gill Floriated Initials [Emono] E-431 Canterbury Capitals
Gothic Caps Condensed 48 Condensed Gothic
Goudy Old Style Light 38 Goudy Light
Helvetica 496 Helvetica Medium
Helvetica Medium 508 Helvetica Bold
Modern Medium Condensed 14 Modern Condensed
Typewriter Remington 70 Remington Light
Typewriter Remington Ribbon 17 Remington Bold
Typewriter Smith Premier 170 Smith Premier Light

Alternate names: Swamp Press

Bodoni 175 Bodoni Light

Alternate names: Barco

Alternate Gothic No. 1 51 Condensed Gothic
Bodoni 175 Bodoni Light
Brush 302 Brush Script
Cheltenham Bold Outline 12 Cheltenham Open
Contour No. 1 40 Outline Gothic 2
Contour No. 6 123 Outline Gothic Cond. 1
Engravers Old English Bold 188 Old English
Figaro [Emono] E-536  Old Towne
Franklin Gothic Condensed 707 Franklin Cond
Garamont 248 Garamond Light
Gothic Condensed Title 43 Condensed Title
Goudy Old Style 394 Goudy Light
Lombardic Capitals 310 Lombardic Initials
Modern Gothic Cond (Tourist Gothic) 140 Franklin Gothic Cond
Monotype Initials 448 Ornamental Initials
Rockwell Antique 189 Stymie Bold
Shadow (Gill Sans) [Emono] E-406 Rhumba
Times New Roman [Emono] E-327 Times New Roman Light

Alternate names: Quaker City

Bodoni Bold Shaded 194 Bodoni Shaded
Caslon Old Style (MacKellar) 337 Caslon
Cloister Black 95 Cloister Text
Copperplate Gothic Heavy Cond 343 Copperplate Gothic Condensed
Copperplate Gothic Heavy Ext 166 Copperplate Gothic Extended
Fournier le Jeune 305 Fournier
Garamont 248 Garamond Old Style
Lombardic Capitals 310 Lombardic Initials
Title Shaded Litho 246 Litho Shaded
Typewriter Remington 70 Typewriter Light
Typewriter Remington Ribbon 17 Remmington Typewriter


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