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These are Web pages that include a link to an AAPA Web page.

AAPA Members' Personal Pages

These present and past members have included references to the AAPA on their personal home pages.
The Fine-Arts Bluesband & Poetry Press
A private enterprise dedicated to letterpress printing, general typography, poetry, and publishing run by AAPA member Richard Minutillo.

Handset Press
Dave Tribby has been an AAPA member since 1970, and a letterpress printer since 1964.

Newsie's Lucid Moments
Charlie Hoye published The Bay Stater in AAPA for many years. He has also blogged, sharing his perspective as "an OLD newzie...gazing back on 50 or so years of journalism-nostalgia."

Pecan Corner
Tina Howard notes, "I live and work in a tiny town in a tiny cottage shaded by pecan trees. I am never bored and easily amused."

Pages similar to the AAPA's

The sites in this section contain information similar to that shown on the AAPA's letterpress or graphic arts pages.
The Alembic Press
"Links to some other letterpress related sites"

Briar Press
Entry in their "Yellow Pages"

Dave Seat -- Hot Metal Services

Gamewell Press Blog
"Letterpress Essentials"

Letterpress Alive in U.K.!
"Links to some other letterpress related sites"

Linotype Links
Associations, Interesting Web Sites, and Services and Supplies.

The Privatre Library
This blog includes a "Selected Bibliograpic Resources" section.

The Tympanum Press

Other references

These pages include a link to an AAPA page.
This site references AAPA in the article What Are the Advantages of Letterpress Printing?
"Applied Ethics Resources on WWW...Media Ethics: Institutions & Organizations"

Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory
"Printing - History and Development"

Harold Berliner, Printer
"Letterpress Links:Resources"

Interrobang Press
"Links for letterpress and its ancillaries"

Len Tower
A personal page with links to many of Len's interests.

Matthew Belmonte
A personal page on the topic of "art."

National Amateur Press Association
"Links: Other Amateur Press Associations"

Oak Knoll Press
"Bibliophile Resources: Societies & Organizations in the Books About Books Community"

University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies
"The BookWeb"

University of Kentucky King Library Press
"Web Resources for the Book Arts"

University of Oregon Libraries
"Book Arts; Learn more about it"

Wikipedia: External links
"Amateur press association"


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