Other Amateur Journalism and Printing Groups

In addition to AAPA, there are other hobby groups related to amateur journalism and printing.

Visit ``Local Printing Groups'' for information on local organizations.

The Fossils
Know as "the Historians of Amateur Journalism," The Fossils publish a quarterly Official Organ, The Fossil. Dues are $15 annually ($20 for joint membership of husband and wife). Contact information available on their Web site.

National Amateur Press Association
The National Amateur Press Association (NAPA) is a hobby group whose purpose is amateur printing, writing, editing, and publishing. Letterpress printing is a major interest of most members of the association. Contact information available on their Web site.

British Printing Society
The British Printing Society (BPS) is a society of printing `friends' of all abilities and experiences and mainly letterpress. Membership centered in the United Kingdom is organized into `branches' but we do have at least one `twig' in the United States. Contact information available on their Web site.

The Amateur Press Association Web Ring
Listing of various amateur press associations, mostly in the realm of Science Fiction or other special interests.

American Printing History Association
The APHA was founded in 1974 to encourage the study of printing history and its related arts and skills, including calligraphy, typefounding, typography, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and publishing.

American Typecasting Fellowship
An informal organization (no officers) of people interested in the casting of metal type. Richard Hopkins publishes ATF Newsletter, which is available by subscription. Contact Rich at P. O. Box 263, Terra Alta, West Virginia 26764 or E-mail wvtypenut@aol.com

The Printing Historical Society
Founded in London in 1964, the Society fosters interest in the history of printing and encourages both the study and the preservation of printing machinery, records, and equipment of historical value.

Society of Typographic Aficionados
A non-profit, volunteer-driven organization devoted to type, typography, and the related arts.


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