Ink Cahoots '17 Ready for Collating

Ink Cahoots 2017

The 2017 edition of Ink Cahoots is ready to be collated ... Read more »

Bundle Picks for August

Journal and Writing Choices for August 2017

Reviewer Fred Moe's choices for journal and writing in August Bundle ... Read more »

Bundles mailed with eclipse stamp

Bundle Update: Check Your Stamps!

The stamps on the August bundle are heat sensitive! ... Read more »

August Bundle is Ready to Mail

Another Fine Bundle

Will I get it mailed tomorrow? ... Read more »

Linotype Type Designs Rescued

Linotype Type Designs Rescued!

60,000 master drawings from British Linotype are rescued by Letterform Archive ... Read more »

Edwin Feliu Publishes Poetry Book

Edwin Feliu Publishes Poetry Book

AAPA member Edwin Feliu has published his second book of poetry, The Elastic Dome ... Read more »

Bundle Picks for July

AAJ Reviewer's Bundle Picks for July

Bundle Reviewer Fred Moe announces his choices for journal and writing of the month. ... Read more »

AAPA Website Adds RSS now supports RSS, allowing readers to easily track new content. ... Read more »

2017 AAPA Election

The AAPA Board made the following announcement regarding the 2017 election ... Read more »

AAPA Photo Albums Recovered

Online photo albums of AAPA conventions that were lost have been recovered. ... Read more »

Reviewer's Choices for June

Reviewer's Choices for June

Reviewer Fred Moe makes his selections of the journal and writing from the June Bundle. ... Read more »

June Bundle is Bundled and Ready

June Bundle is Bundled

Ivan and I stuffed envelopes today, and the mailing will go out tomorrow. ... Read more »

Journal and Writing Choices for May

AAJ Editor Clarence Wolfshohl initiates a Choice of the Month feature, selecting a journal and an individual piece of writing from each Bundle. ... Read more »

News from the Mailer

May Bundle is Ready

Ivan Snyder and I stuffed the bundles today. ... Read more »

AAJ Asks for Input

AAJ would like to hear about your printery in a statement of 100-200 words (more if it’s interesting). ... Read more »

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