The AAPA and the IPRC

The AAPA and the IPRC

AAPA's mailer describes Portland's IPRC and invites your support ... Read more »

Bundle Picks for November

Bundle Reviewer Fred Moe announces three choices from the November Bundle. ... Read more »

November Bundle Mailed Yesterday Afternoon

November Bundle Mailed Yesterday

This is the nest the kids made out of your packing materials. ... Read more »

Critic's Bundle Choices for October

Critic Fred Moe chooses journal, writing, and project from October Bundle ... Read more »

October Bundle Is On Its Way To Your House

October Bundle Is On Its Way To Your House

A very thick bundle is coming your way. ... Read more »

New Officers on October 1

October 1 marks the beginning the new AAPA fiscal year, with a new slate of officers ... Read more »

New Desktop Publishing Tutorial

Announcing a Desktop Publishing Tutorial

AAPA announces a new tutorial on using Scribus to publish amateur journals ... Read more »

Gnu Bundle Choices for September

Fred Moe chose Harry Spence's Independence Way for the Journal of the Month and all the writing in the AAJ for Writing of the Month. ... Read more »

Members in Mt. Pleasant, IA

AAPA members distribute information and samples and witness steam roller printing ... Read more »

September Bundle Is On Its Way To You

September Bundle Is On Its Way

The September 2017 AAPA bundle has been put together and sent to the post office. ... Read more »

Ink Cahoots '17 Ready for Collating

Ink Cahoots 2017

The 2017 edition of Ink Cahoots is ready to be collated ... Read more »

Bundle Picks for August

Journal and Writing Choices for August 2017

Reviewer Fred Moe's choices for journal and writing in August Bundle ... Read more »

Bundles mailed with eclipse stamp

Bundle Update: Check Your Stamps!

The stamps on the August bundle are heat sensitive! ... Read more »

August Bundle is Ready to Mail

Another Fine Bundle

Will I get it mailed tomorrow? ... Read more »

Linotype Type Designs Rescued

Linotype Type Designs Rescued!

60,000 master drawings from British Linotype are rescued by Letterform Archive ... Read more »

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